Lose weight fast

Lose weight fast

Lose weight quickly - that is usually the goal when spring slowly approaches and the first rays of sun point towards summer and the upcoming vacation.

Now lose a few pounds quickly to fit into your swimming trunks or to achieve the desired bikini figure. But how can this be achieved without straining the body and having to starve?

Listen to the body

Here at DEZ we always give our customers the tip that breakfast is the most important meal and should therefore be sufficiently good and rich in protein. Furthermore, the body should be supplied with 2 to 3 liters of water daily and sugary drinks should be avoided if possible. It is also important to avoid stressing yourself about changing your diet . A special note applies to the “slow eating”. The point here is not to finish your portion as quickly as possible, but to give the body enough time to process the intake of food. You will feel “full” sooner and you will not burden your body. In return, of course, that means that you may leave something on your plate. Don't feel guilty about it, just cook a little less the next time.

Defeat cravings

A big mistake is to give up too much at once . You have to have enormous discipline to be able to do without chocolate or other delicacies completely. We therefore always recommend to our customers that they do not consume too few calories at the beginning of their diet, as this further promotes subsequent food cravings. It is advisable to slowly get the body used to a change in diet and perhaps give it just one piece or a row of chocolate instead of, for example, a whole day of chocolate. So you do not completely give up your enjoyment, but simply give the body less of what it was used to so that you can then lose weight quickly. Do not hesitate to contact us personally in individual cases to have a personal nutrition plan drawn up.

How to start a diet and then quickly lose weight

With our products you prepare your body optimally for burning fat in the first 2 days. During this time you will have a vanilla flavored shake. By consciously breaking with the old habits and your eating rhythm, you gain the right perspective right from the start and look forward to the following days when you can eat normal mixed food again. If you have any questions about our products, the right nutrition or an upcoming diet on your part, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our customers have a lot of positive things to say about losing weight with our products and simply feel happier after a diet . For quick weight loss we recommend DEZ Start or one of our popular diet packages from our shop. We wish you good luck with losing weight quickly!

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Dr. Michael Aktas