Preparation with cow's milk

If you like milk, you will probably like our shakes with fresh and slightly chilled, low-fat milk with 1.5% fat content. For the optimal effect of our DEZ shakes, it does not matter whether you prefer the classic variant, hay or organic milk to enjoy your shake.  

If you choose organic milk, your body will also benefit from the higher proportions of healthy ingredients, such as omega3 fatty acids or linoleic acid.

You can of course also prepare your DEZ Shake with long-life milk. This has the advantage that you can easily store yourself for your diet and always have a liter of milk in the house to prepare your meals. It is important that you stick to the dosage and take 300 ml of milk and two slightly heaped measuring spoons (approx. 17g) of your favorite powder per serving. A little tip: take a little more than too little of the powder. 

Our shakes are calorically balanced so that you can also serve them with milk with a higher fat content (3.5 - 3.8% fat). The effect on your success in losing weight is not significantly reduced, and you may feel a little more satiated. Basically, however, we recommend that you switch to consuming low-fat milk in the interests of a sustainably healthy diet.

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Dr. Michael Aktas