Preparation with natural yoghurt

Do you miss a solid meal in between and are you looking for a delicious change to your shake without endangering the success of your diet? Then natural yogurt is just right for you.

Instead of cow or plant milk, you can also use natural yogurt, which is made from milk and lactic acid bacteria, as a base. Similar to cow's milk, it is available with different fat levels. Again, we recommend using a rather low-fat product with 1.5 to 1.8% fat. You can also try the yogurt with 3.5% fat. But under no circumstances should cream or cream yoghurts with ten or more percent fat find their way into your shopping basket - you don't want to endanger the success of your diet.

The preparation is very simple, by the way: you follow the instructions for preparation with milk or milk alternatives and stir two lightly heaped measuring spoons (approx. 17g) of the powder with your favorite taste with 300 grams of natural yoghurt. 

Since yogurt has a slightly sour taste, it can be easily combined with our vanilla, strawberry, mango and banana flavors.

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Uns war es wichtig einen funktionierenden Diät-Shake zu entwickeln, der schmeckt. Nur so erzielen wir nachhaltige Erfolge.

Dr. Michael Aktas