The recipe for our diet shakes was created by our founder Dr. Mikail Aktas more than 20 years ago developed. W.uring his work at the Berlin Charité, one of the most famous and largest university hospitals in Europe, became the whole concept modified according to strictly scientific knowledge.

At that time, doctors who treated severely obese and obese patients (BMI> 30) were faced with the challenge that vital medical interventions could only be carried out if the excess body fat could be significantly reduced in these patients in the shortest possible time.

At that time there were hardly any possible preparations. In addition, the few preparations that were available had exactly the same problems that most suppliers are still struggling with today: a reliable effect could not be guaranteed and the products simply did not taste good.

Dr. Aktas has recognized this problem and has set itself the task of creating an effective, healthy and, above all, scientifically verifiable solution. He wanted to develop a filling and balanced meal replacement shake that patients like to consume, that on the one hand really tastes good to them and on the other hand guarantees a reliable and quick reduction in body fat.

On the basis of his scientific competence, a diet shake was created that was able to meet the criteria required at the time and which is still characterized today: The one developed by Dr. Akta's special combination of micro and macronutrients ensures rapid and scientifically proven fat reduction. 

In addition, with the use of real fruit and cocoa powder, among other things, he laid the foundation for the natural and delicious taste of the DEZ diet shakes. Dr. Aktas recognized early on that taste is one of the essential prerequisites for being able to complete a diet program permanently and with motivation.

So the origin of our shakes lies in nutritional practice. They were not only developed under medical and nutritional supervision - they have also been used successfully for over 20 years and are therefore scientifically proven.

After the successful introduction of the DEZ Shakes, it quickly became clear that they are so flexible in their dosage and application that they can not only be used in the fight against obesity, but also in principle to reduce obesity.

That is why so many people today with very different weight loss goals and individual needs benefit from the extraordinary taste and the reliable, scientifically proven effect of our diet shakes. 

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Uns war es wichtig einen funktionierenden Diät-Shake zu entwickeln, der schmeckt. Nur so erzielen wir nachhaltige Erfolge.

Dr. Michael Aktas