Finally happy by losing weight

Hello, I'm Simone, 1.71m tall and 4 months ago I weighed 120 kilos. In this short period of time, I have managed to lose 40 kilos and am exactly where I was before my pregnancy. Pregnancy is no excuse for my weight gain, of course, but it has clearly affected it

My incentive

My son Finn is 2 years old now and has been going to daycare for 2 months. I wanted to go back to my old job, but not with my excess weight. But the reason wasn't my colleagues, because I saw them during my baby break and they know me like that. I wanted to change something for the sake of my son and not be a need for care at a young age.

My plan with the DEZ diet

I ordered the Diet Box Gold after having had a detailed phone call with Mr. Aktas. His recommendation went in this direction, as it is very financially worthwhile for me and I have set great goals. Without dieting too much, I just started doing it. With the support of friends and family, everything went really well. I also have to say that the shake tastes really delicious and I didn't have to go hungry. I ate a healthy breakfast every day to start the day - that also helped enormously.

My recommendation

My motto: Just don't “complicate” the diet or think about it too much, sometimes just get started. In addition to eating healthier, I did a lot outside and went swimming once a week. According to Mr. Aktas, I shouldn't do great exercise while dieting because I'm changing my diet. Immediately after the diet, however, I signed up at a gym near me to stay fit. Personally, I wouldn't do anything on my own, but rather call the diet and nutrition center again and follow up if any questions arise. In addition, you are also motivated by the nutritionists and thus simply get on better.

My breakthrough

As already mentioned, I finally love each other again. It's not that I only judge myself by how I look, but if you just don't feel comfortable in your own skin you have to do something, even if it's difficult. Thanks to the support of the DEZ team and the diet shake, I'm back where I used to be. Therefore I would like to say a big “Thank you” to the whole team.

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Dr. Michael Aktas