My breakthrough - from 81 to 54 KG

My name is Lynn and I'm 1.62 and I actually weighed 81 kg. I gained a lot during pregnancy. My daughter is now 4 years old. Before my pregnancy I only weighed 54 kg and was totally satisfied. The last time I bought my pants, it happened - I was suddenly very depressed when I saw my bottom in the mirror. That was no longer me as I knew myself. I just wanted to get out of the cabin quickly.

My incentive

I didn't want to buy any more sizes that I haven't felt comfortable in for a long time. Then there were the constant questions like “Are you pregnant again?”, So that I was often uncomfortable and embarrassed. I really wanted to change something.
I knew the DEZ diet because I work in Wandsbek. I wanted to wear size 36 again by summer and now I wanted to finally start closing this vicious circle.

My plan with the DEZ diet

I went to the practice and got advice. In doing so, I realized that I also drink too little water and that my metabolism is therefore very slow. To be honest, I imagined the 2 days of the DEZ start to be more difficult. I have to say that it worked out wonderfully. I was able to carry out the diet very well and rather ate in the evening instead of in the morning because I think eating together with my daughter and my partner is very important.

My recommendation

It has to come naturally that you want to lose weight. I think the rest will come by itself. Drinking plenty of water and tea without sugar helps enormously. What I've also done is e.g. In between, during the break while my colleagues were enjoying their delicious meal, I made myself a cucumber and tomato salad. That helped against any food cravings.

My breakthrough

I started in August and now it's March. I am totally happy that I have reached my 54 kilos again and thus made my breakthrough and to be honest I regret that I didn't start much earlier. The pants fit really well and I like to be the focus of the photos again. Now let's be honest, I can wear patterned tops again that looks much finer again.

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It was important to us to develop a working diet shake that tastes good. This is the only way to achieve sustainable success.

Dr. Michael Aktas