My new phase of life

from Brigitte, 39, self-employed

My name is Brigitte and I've been self-employed since 2015. I weigh 84 kg and am 1.63 m tall. I stand a lot in my job and deal with people every day. I also have 2 children and therefore don't have much time after work to go to sport or just go jogging.

I also let myself go a little through my old day. To be honest, I didn't notice myself that I had put on so much weight. I consoled myself with the fact that it was probably the stress. When things get a little quieter at work, I would take the time and eat a little less - I thought to myself. But with that I always lied to myself. I tried, but afterwards I ate more than before.

My incentive

I finally wanted to go to the swimming pool with my children again. At the moment, however, I am ashamed and don't want to leave like that. 10 years ago I weighed 10 kg less.
I did some research on the Internet and phoned various diet providers to find out about weight loss shakes. In my opinion, DEZ Diet was the most competent and Mr Aktas, as a nutritionist, advised me professionally and it gave me a very good feeling.
I ordered a set for a month . This was the start shake and 2 follow-up cans for 28 days.

My plan with the DEZ diet

I had my plan individually designed for me, as I work in the store in shifts, which means that I tend to work in the early shift, but also in the late shift on weekends. No matter how I work, I drank my first shake every day at 10 a.m. - everything was totally uncomplicated. Simply mix the diet powder with milk and shake a little with the shaker, that's it. In between, I consciously only ate tomatoes and cucumbers as a snack, because I knew myself and knew that I might have something else later.
I also drank my second shake in the store. In the evening, I could have dinner with my family as normal. That made me feel good about my family.

My recommendation

Be well informed and not use any product just to save a few euros. Call the DEZ practice at any time if you are not sure, or go to the website. In addition, always drink plenty of water or tea without sugar.

My breakthrough

7 weeks have passed and I have now lost 10 kg. I am very motivated and impressed that I want to lose another 5 kg. It's already going to the swimming pool and my children are particularly happy about it. I should have just started much earlier.

I wish everyone such a simple and tasty diet !

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Dr. Michael Aktas