New self-confidence

New self-confidence from Melanie,31

31 It got worse from month to month. Since I work 38 hours a week sitting in a doctor’s office, I was unable to do any sport or exercise after work. I was just very unmotivated . I didn't really feel at home because I saw that something had to change for me. I just wanted to be able to climb stairs again in a relaxed manner without being out of breath.

My incentive

My friend told me about the DEZ diet and that her mother immediately lost a healthy 23 kg with it. The interesting thing about Petra (my friend's mother) is that she weighs even more than me and works in shifts, making it even more difficult than me. That was exactly the incentive that I needed.

My plan with the DEZ diet

I had decided to start on the weekend because I had nothing to do with this one. I bought 1.5% low-fat milk and the shaker. After such a long time, I had a real tingling sensation in my stomach because I felt totally at ease thanks to the advantageous advice in the practice . I also had a BIA measurement carried out and during that time I was able to ask anything I wanted and didn't feel uncomfortable.

My recommendation

It is highly advisable to seek advice in person in the practice or by telephone . It takes away any fear and I haven't felt left alone.

My breakthrough

I've already lost 11 kilos and can finally go jogging again on the weekend. I'm totally excited and my friends notice that too. Life is finally fun again.

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Dr. Michael Aktas