Dr. Aktas

Our diet concept including the diet formula was developed by the renowned nutritionist and DEZ founder Dr. Mikail F. Aktas developed. 

Dr. Aktas is one of the leading nutritionists in Germany and a proven expert in the field of combating overweight and obesity.



The recipe for our diet shakes was created by our founder Dr. Mikail Aktas more than 20 years ago developed. W.uring his work at the Berlin Charit...

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seal of quality

The Dr. Aktas seal is our product promise for you and shows you that our shakes are made according to the Dr. Aktas diet formula are produced. It g...

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The DEZ diet program was developed by the successful nutritionist and DEZ founder Dr. Dipl.-Oec. troph. Mikail F. Aktas developed. In Germany he is...

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Diet boxes

Diet box 2 weeksDiet box 2 weeks
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Diet box 2 weeks

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Diet box 4 weeksDiet box 4 weeks
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Diet box 4 weeks

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Diet box 8 weeksDiet box 8 weeks
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Diet box 8 weeks

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