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Meal replacement

DEZ diet shakes are low-calorie meal replacement shakes (also known as meal replacement) for losing weight or reducing excess and health-endangering body fat. With our shakes you can easily replace one or two meals a day without sacrificing the essential nutrients.

Optimizes the metabolism


The special nutritional profile of our shakes has a positive influence on the behavior of your insulin level and it optimizes your body's metabolism. It no longer gets the energy it needs from the stored carbohydrates, but from the superfluous fat reserves that you want to get rid of as quickly as possible. 

Natural ingredients


We attach the greatest possible importance to the quality of our ingredients. That's why our shakes simply taste better. In addition to high-quality milk protein, we use real fruit powder, pure coffee and first-class cocoa for your maximum taste experience. 

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How to prepare your favorite shake

Zubereitung mit Kuhmilch

Preparation with cow's milk

If you like milk, you will probably like our shakes with fresh and slightly chilled, low-fat milk with 1.5% fat content. For the optimal effect of...

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Zubereitung mit Pflanzenmilch

Preparation with plant milk

Are you more of the milk substitute type and prefer plant milk? Then you've come to the right place, because many of these types of milk have a pr...

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What else you should know

Incidentally, it makes no sense to use skimmed milk, i.e. milk with a fat content of less than 0.5%. Your body needs a certain amount of the essential ingredients, which in combination with our diet shakes then develop their optimal effect. Skimmed milk cannot provide enough of these nutrients, and it won't fill you up either. 

Even if it may seem tempting with our chocolate shake, for example, please do not prepare our shakes with warm or even hot milk. By heating you would destroy the structure of the highly efficient, but unfortunately also very sensitive micro- and macronutrients, which can then no longer achieve their desired effect. 

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