The DEZ (Diet and Nutrition Center Aktas) was founded in Hamburg. The company specializes in two areas of activity, first of all the commercial area, which includes wholesale and foreign trade in meal replacement products and ensures the quality of dual training through certificates. The second area of ​​responsibility is the nutritional counseling of healthy patients, type 2 diabetics, patients with coronary heart disease and obesity. The location is in Hamburg-Wandsbek from there via the call center the special DEZ diet products are exported to the EU countries Belgium, Denmark, England, France, the Netherlands, Austria, Sweden as well as to Lichtenstein, Turkey and Switzerland. In Turkey, the company is already well represented in the media such as TV and the Internet. Unfortunately, counterfeit products are sold in Turkey under the brands dezpack and dexx. The trial is likely to close in late 2018.

In the years 2010-2012, for example, on a Turkish TV station that was also broadcast in Germany, regular interviews were held with participants who had successfully lost weight with the DEZ products. In Germany, the websites are being optimized and a separate TV station or YouTube channel is being set up.

The managing director Dipl.- Oec. troph. Mikail F. Aktas (nutritionist) and his assistants, made up of nutritionists, dietitians and trainees in the commercial sector, are represented in the practice Monday to Friday. The personal and good cooperation of the different age groups creates a pleasant atmosphere and thus offers a good working atmosphere.

The DEZ Aktas Diet presents a special weight loss program and carries out the bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA), which is used in a few practices. The BIA measurement requires special training, which is why there are so far only a few experts in this field. The participants are guaranteed to lose weight in a healthy way without going hungry. The success is confirmed in regular examinations, such as the BIA measurement and the weight history. This special measuring method determines the individual body composition of each individual patient at the beginning and is important as a basis for setting up a diet program. The nutritionist discusses this with his patient. The BIA measurement is repeated at regular intervals in the practice and the ratio of fat mass.

This enables the patient and the nutritionist as well as the dietitian to precisely document the patient's progress and to explain any fluctuations due to stagnant or no weight reduction. The changes are easy for the patient to understand through graphical representations and the explanations provided by the nutritionist, and problems during the program are addressed directly. The participants from outside are optimally observed through regular appointments and progress can be determined. The commercial activities in the company ensure that DEZ diet products are sent directly to the participants in cities that are further away.