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Our DEZ Silver Diet Box is for everyone who wants to start losing weight. With this package it is possible to lose up to 10KG within a month. The following are included:

  • 1x DEZ start (vanilla) for the first two days
  • 1x DEZ Shaker for quickly mixing and stirring our delicious shakes
  • 2x DEZ diet box, please choose your taste: vanilla, strawberry, chocolate or cappuccino
  • 1x cosmetic gift

With this all-round carefree package, a quick start should be successful and the desired weight should be within reach. We wish you a lot of success!

We'll do our best to send you the things you've chosen. Our photos don't show the actual quantities.




2x chocolate 480g, 2x strawberry 480g, 2x banana 480g, 2x vanilla 480g, 1x strawberry 1x banana 480g, 1x strawberry 1x vanilla 480g, 1x strawberry 1x chocolate 480g, 1x cappuccino 1x vanilla 480g, 2x cappuccino 480g, 1x cappuccino 1x chocolate 480g, 1x chocolate 1x vanilla 480g

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